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Our Vision
Photographers needs are changing almost everyday. Photographic equipment are changing almost everyday. Tecra International Limited is proud to provide professional and amateur photographers, camera enthusiasts, with photographic equipment and accessories which define extreme sophistication, for markets in Hong Kong, Macau, and China.

Our History
Tecra International was founded in 2002 and has been representing leading brands in photographic business, including X-Rite, Horseman, Rollei, Voigtlander, Gossen, LEE Filters, DxO, Novoflex, LumiQuest, Orbis, Liquid Image, ExpoImaging, Tenba, Brno llc, Made Products, Camera Armor, VisibleDust, Induro, Artisan&Artist*, etc. We are nowing one of the leading company who provide high-end photographic accessories in the Greater China Region.



INDUROâ„¢ Carbon 8X C-Series carbon fiber tripods offer the ultimate in strength, lightweight, fast action and reliable performance. They are made of the latest generation of high quality 8-layer carbon fiber tubing. The C-Series is 60% stronger overall than conventional carbon fiber tripods.
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