The application of the now almost 65 years of experience as manufacturer of precision, regulating and electrical engineering in the industrial sector, in particular in the lux and luminance meter technology as well as the application of innovative technology in development department and production has proved to be worthwile. "Tradition is good - Innovation is better" is the basic notion of the GOSSEN photo and light-metering. The GOSSEN proves to be a small unit with a specific assignment to measure light as future-orientated company which is taking, through its continuous development work, the challenges of technologies and markets changing faster and faster.

Gossen provides comprehensive range of light, lux and luminance meters. Exposure meter in digital and analog technology comply fully to the demands of the professional photographers and also to the interested leisure-time photographer. Industrial lux and luminance meters, classified according to DIN 5032 and CIE no.69

W www.gossen-photo.de



INDUROâ„¢ Carbon 8X C-Series carbon fiber tripods offer the ultimate in strength, lightweight, fast action and reliable performance. They are made of the latest generation of high quality 8-layer carbon fiber tubing. The C-Series is 60% stronger overall than conventional carbon fiber tripods.
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