In 2006, MAC Group, in cooperation with Yilee Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., expanded its professional family of photographic products with a new line of high quality professional tripods and support gear. Under the brand name of lnduro, the MAC Group offers a wide range of camera support gear including tripods, monopods, ballheads and accessories. Induro is manufactured in anew, state-of-the-art facility by Yilee, Zhuhai, China, Yilee developed and pioneered their own brand under the Best name, which has become the #1 best selling professional tripod in Asian markets. They have been awarded with the best Brand, Highest Quality, Best Reputation and Photographer's Choice Awards 2005 in China. During the development of the Induro brand, product managers from the MAC Group, along with top pro photographers, fueled the design and performance specifications demanded by today's pro shooters.  The goal was to create a high quality, versatile and reasonably-priced support solution that would enhance the creation of their images. Dedicated to improving their designs and specification, Induro’s research and development tram is continually striving to improve manufacturing techniques, technologies and introduce new products.




INDURO™ Carbon 8X C-Series carbon fiber tripods offer the ultimate in strength, lightweight, fast action and reliable performance. They are made of the latest generation of high quality 8-layer carbon fiber tubing. The C-Series is 60% stronger overall than conventional carbon fiber tripods.
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