A&A uses the philosophy of understatement and balance in the design of each case. Humble and stylish at once, A&A bags are quick to use when needed and then fast to disappear afterwards when the decisive moments have passed.

While modest outside, inside lie all of the tools needed to gain quick access to and maintain rugged protection of your prized cameras and lenses.
A&A starts with a camera and slowly builds around it the vehicle needed to assure a proper fit. A&A then expands this idea for a system, to create a properly molded suspension for its valuable cargo.

The lining of the bags, a soft-combed cotton, is gentle on cameras with painted finish or chrome trim. Outside a combination of supple leather, ballistic nylon and watertight canvas keep the contents of the bag dry and safe. All the materials are soft and pliable to allow the bag to mold to its owner's body ˇX the best protection for a camera, which a rigid case cannot provide.

The removable interior dividers use a system of Velcro(tm) fasteners and nylon straps with tough buckles to make each bag customizable by its owner.
A&A does not assume to tell its owner how they should work with their gear, only provide the framework for each individual to best arrange their cameras.

A privilege to own, natural to use, the A&A bag utilizes only quality materials. The best double stitching and the most hardy straps and buckles are attached so that your bag may last a lifetime of frequent use.
Replaceable padded inserts assure that even if your bag becomes soiled, it may be washed to restore its original good looks.




INDURO™ Carbon 8X C-Series carbon fiber tripods offer the ultimate in strength, lightweight, fast action and reliable performance. They are made of the latest generation of high quality 8-layer carbon fiber tubing. The C-Series is 60% stronger overall than conventional carbon fiber tripods.
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