Liquid Image

Liquid Image

Sacramento, CA., Dec. 16, 2007 - Headquartered in Sacramento California with an international sales and logistic office in Hong Kong, Liquid Image is a manufacturer and distributor of Electronics, Water, Sport, and Game products. Liquid Image began in 2002 as Zocker Toys. The company was launched around a single foam spiral ball named the Zocker Football. With just a set of four different tools and a variety of accessory materials and production methods, the Sport ball line was launched into a broad range of successful products including the TailSpin Ball, Combo Football, Lawn Dart, Zocker Football, and Zocker Dart. Then in 2005, Zocker launched the water and games division with the Water Darts and the 3D Pool Table. Both new products went on to win numerous toy awards including the 3D Pool Table to be honored with the Family Fun Toy of the Year 2005 and the Toy Industries’ T.O.T.Y. award in 2006. In 2006, Zocker Toys partnered up with international and domestic distributors to market toy and sport products to countries around the world. Opening an office in Hong Kong, Zocker was able to refine production and reduce production costs and began selling to larger merchandisers both domestically and internationally. Now, 2007, Zocker is pushing forward with an even more aggressive product launch with its first electronic device and four new brand lines. Zocker Toys products are based around family entertainment products that both the parents and children can enjoy together.




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